About us

We are Grupo Disal, a company commited to deliver
innovation to our industry and Argentina.

Leading the manufacture and commercialization of decorative and industrial paints, coatings, thinners, automotive beautification products and industrial specialties.

Providing solutions for Industry and Construction with products and services developed with the highest quality standards, at the forefront of new technologies.

Our state of the art industrial plants are located in San Luis and Córdoba, along with logistics and administrative centers strategically located in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Tucumán and Montevideo, Uruguay. This infrastructure network consolidates us as a federal company, emphasizing the value of being close to our customers.

We contribute to large and small projects alike, through our brands: Tersuave, Colorín, Hydra, Autopolish, MMB and Indulac 3.0.


Provide solutions and experiences that raise people's quality of life and preserve their household.


Develop and distribute products and services aimed at protecting, maintaining and beautifying every important space in people's lives, generating a positive impact on their environment and contributing to care of our planet.


It is our company's unwavering commitment to honesty, ethics and consistency in all our actions and decisions. We are guided by strong moral principles and maintain an impeccable standard of conduct, ensuring transparency and reliability in all our interactions with our customers, employees, partners and the community at large. We believe that integrity is the foundation of our reputation and the basis of the trust our community places in us.

We conceive quality as the fundamental standard that guides us every day. It is reflected in our commitment to excellence in manufacturing our products and the provision of services. It means not only meeting, but consistently exceeding our customers' expectations, ensuring the reliability, durability and effectiveness of everything we offer. Quality is a responsibility shared by everyone in our organization, and is the foundation of our reputation and long-term success.

It is one of our fundamental pillars. We believe in the importance of preserving our natural resources, minimizing our environmental impact and promoting responsible practices to guarantee a sustainable future for the next generations.

To put our customer's needs at the center of everything we do. We strive to understand and exceed your expectations, providing exceptional service and establishing lasting relationships based on mutual trust. We value your satisfaction and are committed to offering personalized solutions and unique experiences. We believe that by being fully committed to our clients, we contribute to their success and the mutual growth of both parties.

To treat everyone with dignity and value diverse perspectives. We strive to create a respectful and inclusive work environment where each individual is appreciated for their unique contributions. We believe in encouraging open communication, listening to others' opinions, and accepting constructive feedback. By promoting respect within our company, we cultivate a positive, collaborative culture that encourages teamwork and allows us to collectively achieve our goals.

We believe in the importance of constantly evolving and surpassing our past achievements. We strive to learn from our experiences, identify areas of opportunity and seek innovative solutions. Continuous improvement drives us to be more efficient, effective and competitive in our work. We never settle for the status quo and always seek the path to excellence.

Our history

We are your ally in solutions for industrial, construction and automotive paint. We began our journey in March 1959 under the vision of Camilo Torre. Learn about the most important moments in our history:

Our company was founded in March 1959 by Camilo Torre.

Learn about the most important moments in our history.




The brand Tersuave has its origins in our country's backyard, in Argüello, Province of Córdoba; with the manufacture of powder paint. With a purely family structure, national expansion begins, marking the beginning of a path of continuous growth.

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In the 1970s, efforts were doubled to continue growing and in 1978 the Buenos Aires Logistics Center was incorporated, where the manufacturing of Liquid Paint, Synthetic Enamels and Latices began. 

Territorial expansion allowed us to reach Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Río Negro and Tierra del Fuego. The commitment to improvement becomes a pillar of our company.  



In 1986, Roberto Torre -Camilo's son - inaugurates the Villa Mercedes industrial plant in San Luis. Since then, we produce the widest variety of paint for the Decorative, Industrial and Automotive lines. 

In 1988 our Company opened a Logistics Center in the city of Rosario. Product distribution is expanded to Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Misiones, Chaco, Formosa and Corrientes.

This expansion is accompanied by the modernization of our brand's image, the Tersuave logo is renewed, a new design is launched on the market and a wide variety of our current products are already present at the end of the decade.



We keep growing

Opening of the Mendoza Headquarters in 1990 for Administration and Warehousing.
Area of influence: Mendoza and San Juan.
In 1995, an additional factory for the production of alkyd resins, one of the most important components for the manufacture of Synthetic Enamels and Varnishes, began operating in Villa Mercedes.
In 1997, the Administration and Warehousing Headquarters was inaugurated in Tucumán, achieving the objective of being close to our NOA customers.
Area of influence: Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero and Catamarca.




Tersuave was the first paint brand to launch an interior latex with the attribute of washability. Tersuave's Interior Washable product became known for its successful advertising campaign with the singer Charly García, making this product the one leading our company's growth and positioning our brand nationwide.

Accompanying the change of millennium, and with a new evolution of Tersuave's logo, we launched new packaging designs. 

Since the year 2000, the Company has been certified under the ISO9001 standard on quality assurance's system. 




Betting on growth and innovation, in 2015 we inaugurated a new Logistics Center in the town of Moreno, province of Buenos Aires, which has a Distribution Center of more than 4,500 m2, administrative offices, a laboratory and dining room, among other facilities. Covering more than 2000 m2. 

Iinvestments continued, in 2017 the works on the distribution center at our headquarters in Villa Mercedes (San Luis) were completed. Finishing a 4,000 m2 covered warehouse, within a 60,000 m2 property in front of the production plant.

In 2018 Disal takes leadership and responsibility for the Colorín, Autopolish Hydra and MMB brands, transferring our experience in the sector, our values and the concept of a national and federal company focused on our clients and consumer's satisfaction.

Likewise, image renewal begins for the brands that we added to the Disal Group family. Along these lines, we are betting on improvements in its distribution and coverage processes, as well as the expansion of its lines to complete its offer to the markets. 




With the incorporation of the Industrial Specialties business unit, we begin a new productive stage, providing the market with the necessary materials for the production of paints and coatings. 

In 2022, the aesthetic renewal of our product's packaging reaches Tersuave again, with a design aligned with market demands, thus improving consumers' purchasing experience.

Currently, the third generaton of the Torre familiy takes part in the company's leadership, with the same commitment and values, it continues to bet on development, continuous growth and our national industry. 



We established a guide and parameters that drive us
to seek continuous improvement and to improve ourselves every day.

This determination to improve ourselves is what has allowed us, since 2000, to achieve the IRAM Standard – ISO 9001:2015 certification, which guarantees the design, development, production, marketing and after-sales service of our products.

Our efforts focus on:






Quality policies

In Grupo Disal we believe that the way to manage our processes and achieve the expected results is through a Quality Management System, under the guidelines of the ISO 9001 standard.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • Guide the processes towards satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • Seek to improve internal processes and the quality management system
  • Monitor our operational results and permanently improve them, in pursuit of business sustainability and growth
  • Achieve the applicable requirements, based on the requirements of the standard in force
  • Keep clear and timely communication with our collaborators, clients, suppliers, authorities and interested parties.

We assume these guidelines within a framework of professional ethics, and in accordance with Our Vision, Mission and Values.