Our solutions cover the decorative paints, thinners and home coatings segments.

We offer products with the best performance to satisfy the rigorous demands of the industry and the automotive sector.

The Decorative Paints Business Unit is a specialized division that focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of high-quality coatings designed specifically for the protection, maintenance and decoration of interior and exterior spaces. Through this business unit we provide innovative and high-quality solutions.commitment for professionals in Architecture, Construction and for all those interested in the care of their spaces.

We excel in providing innovative solutions adapted to each need.

Our technical support is present nationwide, to accompany our clients' business opportunities and consumer projects. In addition, we offer complementary services that position us as one of the main references in the industry.

Our clients are our main partners and we make sure to be close to them and their needs, offering not only a complete portfolio of products and brands, but also the best service and value proposition on the market.

Our consumers seek products and services of excellence to protect and beautify their projects and environments. They trust our products for their quality and variety, in addition to the pre- and post-sales service, they find innovative solutions to transform their spaces into more attractive, safe and efficient places.

Our Decorative Paints Business Unit is dedicated to providing products and services that beautify homes, businesses and architectural projects, providing innovation, durability and aesthetic quality through our experience and commitment to excellence.

The Industrial Paints Business Unit represents a specialized section dedicated to the production and distribution of high-performance coatings designed exclusively for industrial applications.

We excel because of our portfolio's variety, which covers a wide range of products adapted to various applications and industrial segments.

 We offer a personalized technical service, supported by specialized advisors in the sector and experts in our clients' production processes. In addition, we have the support of our own Research and Development Department, with a laboratory that provides support on par with the business. 

We are in permanent contact with market trends, detecting opportunities for improvement to develop products tailored to the needs of our clients. We have the ability to strategically manage the development of new products from their conception and design to the industrialization process.

Our Products are combined to adapt to different needs. We stand out for offering a multiplicity of solutions according to the demands of each client. The products are recognized for offering highly productive and high-performance painting schemes.

Our Clients find technical and high-performance solutions for different industrial segments, contributing to the durability and preservation of machinery and facilities in critical industrial applications. In addition, we have the experience and a solid commitment to satisfy the broadest needs.

Our product's users dtrust us because they know that the quality and performance of these coatings were developed focused on meeting the highest performance and demands.

In summary, the Industrial Paints Business Unit is distinguished by providing detailed, high-performance solutions to meet the demands of coatings for different types of industries, accompanied by a highly specialized technical service, which together provide reliability. , resistance, productivity and durable finishes over time.

The Automotive Painting Business Unit is a division dedicated to the production and distribution of high-performance coatings and accessories for the repainting and care of all types of vehicles. 

We excel for our ability to identify and develop products that meet both the needs of the segment dedicated to automotive care and beautification and those of the professional segment in the replacement and repainting processes. 

Our products represent quality solutions for their users, backed by specialized technical advice.

In the automotive aesthetics segment we accompany enthusiasts who want to protect and care for their vehicles, providing products for cleaning, washing, polishing, polishing, as well as silicones and polishes. 

In the professional segment we focus on meeting the needs of specialized workshops, offering putties, primers, colors, bases, clears and other auxiliary products designed specifically for the automotive body parts and repainting industry.


The preference and trust of our clients towards us is based on the outstanding track record of our brands, the outstanding quality of our products and the continuous support of a specialized technical service that enhances the experience of each user.

Our product's users choose us for our variety, quality and proximity. They trust our products because they have been specifically designed to meet their highest expectations.

The Automotive Painting Business Unit specializes in providing high-performance solutions for each stage of the vehicle repair and beautification process, accompanied by a highly trained technical service, which together provide productivity, performance and durable finishes over time.

The Disal Group Industrial Specialties Business Unit is a fundamental pillar in the coatings manufacturing industry, supplying a comprehensive range of products that includes
resins, emulsions, dyes and plastic containers

What distinguishes us is our commitment to excellence and backward vertical integration. Our Industrial Specialties plants have cutting-edge technology that gives us total control over the quality and availability of the supplies necessary for the production of paints and coatings. 

Some of our main products are: 

  • Resins: We have a wide variety of alkyd and acrylic resins manufactured with unmatched quality standards. Our production processes ensure exceptional purity and consistency.
  • Emulsions: We offer styrene-acrylic and elastomeric emulsions that, thanks to our cutting-edge technology, allow us to provide products with high stability and performance..
  • Dyes: Universal for tintometric systems, as well as water-based concentrates for productive plants.
  • Plastic Containers: FabWe use packaging with European technology and a robotic IML labeling system, guaranteeing the safety and preservation of our products.

Our clients are industries that require a reliable and constant supply chain to maintain the continuity of their operations. We understand the importance of quality and service as the foundation for an excellent operation. By choosing Grupo Disal, our clients ensure the availability of critical supplies and the peace of mind of knowing that they are backed byor a reliable partner committed to your success.